Applio Free – How to get started!

A quick guide to get you started with Applio Free.

Find suitable hardware

The purpose with Applio Free is to make IoT simple. To make this possible we have tried out a set of hardware and made sure this will work with Applio Free. We call this Applio Certified.
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Buy a pre-configured Gateway at Connect2Lora that works out-of-the box with Applio:
Click here for Connect2Lora web shop
Most LoRa Gateways on the market will work

All LoRa gateways with the “Semtech package forwarder” feature will work.

Contact us if you have questions concerning finding a suitable Gateway for your IoT-application!


Following Device manufacturers are tested and verified:
  • Elsys
  • Sezo
  • Dragino
  • Sensative
  • OpenLogger

In Applio Free you are only able to add certified devices.

Note that we will continuously add more manufactures to the Applio certified list. If you are missing a manufacturer or model, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Setup your account

Create an account here:
Create Free Account

You need to verify your account. A mail is sent to you, check you spam-folder if it’s not appeared in normal inbox!

After you have confirmed your email, you are able to use your account!

Add your Gateway

The first thing you must do is add a Gateway.

If you have configured your Gateway correct you can use the guide to Add Gateway.

The Gateway Id is the Network address or MAC of the Gateway. Manufacturers can call this different thing. Here is an example where to find the Gateway Id on a Gateway from a Tektelic using KonaFT:

  • The Gateway will be accepted by the system once there is traffic verified from the Gateway to Applio Free.
  • If there is no traffic and the Gateway is not added to your account, you need to check the settings once more!
  • In Applio Free you can only add one Gateway to your account.
  • You cannot add the same Gateways more then once in Applio Free.
  • If you need to use the same Gateway on another account, you first need to remove it from your account.

Note that traffic from Gateway to Applio Free will not be accepted from a removed a Gateway.

Add your Device

Once you have the Gateway added to your account you can add a device. The Device EUI is the Physical address or MAC of the Device. Manufacturers can call this different thing.

Here is an example where to find the Device EUI on a Device from a Elsys.

The leading values of the Device EUI will determine the manufacturer. If you make a typo Applio Free may not let you go to the next step in the guide.

Note that in Applio Free you are only able to add Devices that are certified by Applio.

The Device keys

In the last step in the guide you need to enter the security keys of the device. These are often provided to you when you buy the device. But there are ways to read the values from the device, but this can sometimes be a bit tricky!

Note that if you have entered any values wrong, the Device will not be accepted by Applio Free.

The guide will try to add the Device for 5 minutes. If the Device is not accepted within that time frame, you will be redirected to the last step in the guide.

First thing you should do is to check values of Device EUI and security keys once more.

If the values are correct you should restart the Device and make sure it has the correct battery. Some device has some diodes that lighten up during start.

When you have verified that Device is started (you can also wait about a minute longer time than that is very rare for a device to start) you can click on “Next Step” again.

Test the Data API

Goto to find out what APIs are available right now.

Note that we continuously add more APIs but with Applio Free we will keep the APIs simple.

Use your API key to test the APIs

You find your API key in you User Settings in Applio Free.

In the Swagger for Data API you need to use your API key authorize the use of the APIs.

If authorization fail this will result in an error when calling an API.

If authorization pass you will be able to try out the different APIs.

In the current release of Applio Free we only provide RESTful APIs over HTTPS. In the future we will add more features and technologies for integration. The APIs available are sufficient to build simple IoT applications.

Build you own IoT application

To use your Data APIs in a secure way, you need to do an integration in your Backend code.

Integration in frontend will expose your secret API key!

Note that in Applio Free you cannot change you API key. If you need a new API key, you need to create a new account and add your hardware to the new account. If you do this you will loose your historical data.

We will soon provide different code examples how to integrate Applio Data to different platforms.


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