Applio Certified

At Applio we certify IoT devices from different manufacturers to make sure that they work flawlessly with the Applio platform.

Certified Products

The Applio Certified program guarantees, not only that the device can communicate with the system, but also that the encoded payload from the sensor is decoded correctly and stored in Influx

Once a device har been certified, it will automatically appear in the “Add Device” screen and can be added to your Applio Free profile.

Certified Manufacturers and Devices


Model: SL, A1L, CL, EL, BL, WL


Model: ERS CO2, ERS Lite, ERS Eye, ERS Desk, ERS Sound, ELT-2, ELT Lite, ELT Ultrasonic, EMS Door, EMS5K


Model: LHT65


Model: Strips LoRa MS-H


Model: Wisper Lite

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